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Group Meditation

...Do you have busy mind today? need of a relaxation 

Meditation and Relaxation classes

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At The Art of Wellbeing Harrogate we arrange many different events to promote Health and Wellbeing including classes, workshops, Training Sessions. 

The aim of the services offered is to help support you on your healing journey, the group activities are to help promote and create awareness of healing therapies, as well as a social aspect of meeting and making connections with others. To learn and experience new skills.

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Please enquire if the class you are interested in is not scheduled at the moment

Meditation Class

Meditation + Breathing Techniques

...Feeling stressed and unable to focus?...

Meditation + Breathing Techniques

Self Care Course- Learn how to do a Lymphatic Drainage Face massage (for use on yourself only)

Learn about the Chakras

Wellness through Sound

Self Care Course- Looking at our Backs

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