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The Art of Wellbeing Harrogate

The Art of Wellbeing Harrogate is where Rachael runs her health and wellbeing business. Giving individual

treatments and accredited training courses, as well as short introductory workshops. 

Set up to support and promote health and wellbeing services for

groups and individuals. Through spiritual, mental and holistic treatments, courses and training. 

Rachael Inchboard BA(Hons) PgDip. L A, ITEC. VTCT. BABTAC. Is the founder and principle tutor for Fusionage Therapies-treatments and Accredited Training in Harrogate. 

Rachael has the subject knowledge, skills and experience necessary to deliver a range of courses. Keeping updated with regular research and training .

In addition to her teaching Rachael runs a successful Sports Therapy business-

Her recent ongoing professional development has taken her to focus on the posture and alignment of the body. Clients find this invaluable in their treatments with Rachael. This is now offered as just one of her  Accredited Training Courses, allowing participants to be able to practice this within their therapy businesses.

Fusionage Therapies started over 10 years ago, Rachael has helped transform peoples lives through her work.  Her journey began in 2004 when she trained in Reiki Healing therapy. After founding Fusionage Therapies she went onto work freelance with top Spa's in Harrogate including The Academy Spa, now David Lloyds as well as Hotel Du Vin. While her main base for over ten years was at the Pure Treatment Rooms, on Cheltenham Mount Harrogate.

Originally training in Art and Design extending her training into design, for wellbeing in the environment. At Leeds Met she studied and qualified as a Landscape Architect. Rachael has worked with Public and Private projects for housing layouts, Garden Design, Educational Projects for improving school play areas and Design for Disabled,  Planning, Advice and Consultancy.

  Through some of her Landscape Architecture freelance work, Rachael has undertaken extensive research on Disability Planning and Design for less abled people, health and wellbeing therapies and how health can correlate with the internal and external environment. She is now offering this service  through The Art of Wellbeing Harrogate.


 Her integrated Environmental Healing & Design Services covers cleansing and clearing energy in your environment be it a office, home or bedroom space. Including identifying specific things such as Geopathic stress, Electromagnetic pollution.

Through her design skills she can work with you to find ways to encourage positive energy flow through the use of Feng Shui and the Colour Consultancy Service included within the Holistic Design, Consultancy and Advisory Service. 

 Her training as a Complimentary therapist, began with Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Massage. After a family member was debilitated with chronic fatigue/ME, at the time little was know about this illness. Going on to train in many other different specialised areas of massage including Sports Therapy, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage. Beauty Therapy, Body Manipulation therapy helping align joints and improve the posture.

Her strong interest and training in Energy Therapies came after her personal experience of having Adrenal Fatigue. Brought on by stress and over training several years ago, in preparation for the Leeds Half Marathon. Meditation, along with other energy healing therapies all began to help her heal and recover.

Through her personal experiences Rachael has been able to help connect with her client's and empathize with their health and help transform their lives. 

  Often using clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, helping them reach their goals and empower them to move their life's forward.




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The Art of Wellbeing offers a range of therapies,
Energy Healing,
Therapies for the Mind, the Body and Spirit, Education & Training, Art and  Holistic Design Services.

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