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Interior Holistic Design Services 

Cleanse-Clear-Balance-Enhance- Design ...your or living environment. 

Our Integrated Environmental Healing & Design Services covers a range of energy cleansing and healing techniques for your environment.

Helping identify areas within your space which may have or are having a negative impact on your health.

Our Colour Consultancy Service- 

We use Feng Shui Principles-which uses a Chinese geometry system based on the traditional ancient practice. Helping to encourage positive energy flow to create balance and harmony.

Rachael can work with you , using her design skills and techniques. To help balance and encourage positive energy flow. This can  help improve your energy and your health. 

 Be it an Office/ Bedroom/ Living room.

Cleaning Supplies
Energetically Cleanse + Clear your space
Rock Balancing
A Man and a Woman looking at a Design

 Design+ Colour for your space

Balance+ Enhance
your Space

Our Holistic Interior Design Service looks at a different perspective on how we live and work.. in and around the spaces in which we occupy. Our aim is to look at balancing and creating therapeutic spaces which reflects the individuals and who they really are. Our key aim is to work with you to create an inspiring space which balances both your spiritual and physical needs.

With a creative inspiring input from us!!

Our Design Service and Colour Consultancy Service is offered on a Consultancy basis with sketch proposals with any written assessments undertaken

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