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We have a selection of treatments for the Body, Mind and the Spirit

We offer a range of treatments for the Mind, Body and Spirit, click on the main menu to find out more or read the overview of therapies here.

        60 mins- from £65        90 mins from£ 80      

Our Therapy Sessions all take place at our town centre therapy studio based in the heart of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.  We start with a comfy chair and a friendly chat about your health and wellbeing, your daily routines and any concerns you may have.

I work intuitively so every treatment is different. I base each session on my combined techniques and experience which I have gathered over the last fifteen years as a holistic therapist, coach and energy healer.

Here are some of the treatments on offer-

Massage & Body Work

I am a certified massage therapist and work with many different types of massage.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage / Sports and Deep Tissue Massage/ Pregnancy Massage/ Holistic Massage/Remedial and Soft Tissue techniques

Back Pain & Treatment- I use  a range of techniques combined to give an effective treatment, to help relax, loosen and target areas of pain or discomfort.

Posture & Body Alignment -If your body is out of alignment muscles will start to tighten up to hold things in place, this can continue for a while until we start feeling pain. We use a range of manipulations using a manual therapy which can help align and correct the the joints in a safe while muscles are in motion.

Face Massage Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage/ Acupressure/ Sinus Massage/ Rejuvenating Face Massage Treatment

Energy Healing Therapy

I first came across and trained in Reiki healing  in 2004, I have since become a Reiki Master and combine my treatments with Crystal Healing and Sound Therapy. Many people have felt a shift 

Guided Meditation & Breathwork-

for relaxation and busy minds, this treatment helps bring your focus back to the present moment.

Stress Management / Talking Therapies/ Hypnotherapy / Coaching

   I often include talking therapies within a treatment session. For a more focused approach they can be  discussed and used as individual treatments depending upon your needs.

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