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Sports Remedial Massage Therapy-Fusionage Therapies-Harrogate 

Sports Injury

A Sports Massage uses a range of techniques, which are applied to alleviate stresses and strains brought on by over using the muscles.

Rachael has been treating clients at her Sports Massage Therapy clinic based at The Art of Wellbeing-Fusionage Therapies in Harrogate North Yorkshire for over ten years. Rachael comes with a wealth of experience having trained and competed in many sporting events including Competitive Swimming and Running. Through her experience she understands some of the issues that can present themselves through training and over using the muscles.  

Sports Remedial and Deep Tissue Massages ​are not just for sporty and active people! This type of massage has a whole range of benefits for everyone, even people who live a less active life style. We use a range of specialized techniques to help alleviate issues within the muscles and soft tissues of the body.

.........Have you got sore Muscles which feel restricted ?...

                                     .. do your muscles feel tight and sore?...


Office and desk workers and people who drive for long periods.

We have a wealth of experience to incorporate into our treatment ​sessions. 

The therapist brings together a range of techniques, knowledge, advice and experience to work effectively for optimum results. These are  applied to the areas identified in the consultation, during the treatment.


Treatments can be adapted to the client's individual needs whether they are training for an event or recovering from one and need post event techniques, or for general wear and tear.

A Sports massage uses a range of techniques, which are applied to alleviate stresses and strains brought on by over using the muscles or just general wear and tear through over use or by playing a sport or doing a repetitive activity.

* Sports Injury

* Trigger Point Therapy

* Posture Problems

* Work Related posture problems

* Lower Back Issues

* Back and Joint Pains

* Sciatica/ Piriformis Syndrome

* Neck and Shoulder Tension

* Myofascial  Release


How does working at a desk affect your muscles?

Working at a computer for long periods can seem effortless but can have a huge impact on the large and small muscles of the body.

Smaller muscles of the forearms and hands contracting possibly over a hundred times in one computer session.

At the same time larger muscles of the neck and upper back and shoulders remain static and under continuous contraction to hold your head and arms in the position able to operate the keyboard or mouse of their computer.

This position can cause Trigger points in any part of the upper body.

Postural Stress- can happen when seated for long periods or by not having the correct chair to support your body.


Sitting in positions that are awkward or put strain on the body in your work place may be subjecting certain muscles to contract or put continuous strain and tension on them.

Myofascial problems such as Trigger points may develop and lay dormant until the muscles become more restricted and the range of motion is lessened.

Fusionage therapies Soft Tissue Techniques can help relieve muscle pain and help restore imbalances in the body's postural chain of muscles.

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