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Offering a range of massage Treatments to Rejuvenate the Body, Relax the Mind, or to help Reduce Stress and Tension after a work out or after being seated at a desk or if you have travelled on a long journey!


Rejuvenating face Massages....

Acupressure Neck Massage

Sinus Massage- helps with sinus problems/hay-fever/ ear nose & throat issues. 60mins

Face Lift Massage - Helps rejuvenate a tired face, bringing nutrients to the cells, flushing toxins away..

60 mins

Acupressure Face Massage- using a range of techniques to help stimulate and improve your complexion. 60 mins

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage- Helps drain puffy eyes, natural way to anti-ageing, rejuvenating the cells and flushing out toxins.

60 mins

A deeply relaxing experience using a range of specialized techniques  which help to enhance wellbeing. Detoxifying your body, clearing excess fluid and boosting your immune system. Helps clear congested body's of toxins and excess fluid, helping cellulite, post operative recovery as well as relaxing helping any stress and anxiety.



Pregnancy Massage

 To help relieve aches and pains, relax muscles and alleviate swollen ankles. Helping relax and rejuvenate at this special time.

60 mins 

Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

Focusing on those areas which hold the most tension. How we hold ourselves during working/ driving  through our posture positon. Helps relax the muscles + reduce tension.

     60mins    90 mins

Rejuvenating Face Massages
Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Deep Tissue Massage- ...Read more about

A deeper and firmer massage to relieve tension deeper in the muscles and fascia. 

60 mins

90 mins

Sports Massage

A deep er type massage to assist with injury prevention, to maintain healthy muscles and range of movement for active people.

   60 mins    90 mins

Triggor Point Massage

Targetting deep spots of pain and discomfort within the muscle , to actively alleviate+relax

  60 mins  90 mins

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A therapeutic whole body massage working on the soft tissue of the body, helping restore health + Vitality. Whilst calming the nervous system.

60 mins     90 mins

Remedial Back Massage

Suffering from a lower back issue? a specialized massage to help loosen and alleviate tight muscles and helps relieve aches and pains. 

60 mins    90 mins

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