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Energy Healing

...Sound Healing Therapy Harrogate North Yorkshire...

Frequency & Vibration hold the organization + foundation of all matter, the purpose of this therapy is the use of sound to restore healthy vibration to the body.

The energy and vibration, when restored, is believed to restore better health, for the person who is suffering. When our energy is affected, the cells within the body will be affected and so will the organs, eventually health as a whole will be more balanced.

Entrainment of energy is the changing of brainwave frequencies. This can be viewed as -Imagine when you were last at a concert or a football match- the energy of the crowd changes with the strong vibrational energy around you and within you.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing
Singing Bowl Sound Healing

...Sound Healing Therapy... 1-1
(Group sessions are available-see events)  

Sound Therapy works to help restore health by the therapeutic application of sound frequencies through vibrations of sound waves.

Singing bowls work directly with 'Theta Brainwaves'. These are the strongest and most effective brainwaves for change.

Crystal Healing Bowls work on the Alpha brain waves help create calmness.

Usually working with a range of singing bowls and  crystal bowls on the Chakra energy centres of the body. Each chakra has a different vibrational frequency and relates to different aspects of our health and our organs.

...Breathing Therapy...

The cells within the body are considered to be matter. They each have a nucleus, around this is a lot of space, this is believed to be energy.

Cells require good nutrition and efficient circulation. They also need to be cleansed.

Sound Therapy and Breathing looks at the space in between and goes deeper helping restore health and vitality.

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