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reiki energy healing -the Art of Wellbeng Harrogate

Energy Healing Harrogate

...Reiki Healing Harrogate...

Reiki helps heal on an Emotional, Spiritual and Physical level-benefits of the treatment include-Reduces Stress/ Anxiety/Depression/helps sleep issues/helps balance and restore the flow of energy in the body

..Reiki-Distance Healing...

You can book a distance Healing Reiki Session and receive the same powerful healing energy.

This works due to the fact that we are all energetically connected on a Soul level. Reiki Masters are able to send healing using one of the healing tools they have been attuned to. A Reiki Master therapist is able to use this as a bridge through time.

...Reiki Treatment 1-1...

Reiki pronounced 'Ray-key' is a Japanese energy healing therapy, Reiki means ' Universal Life Force Energy'. This energy comes through the therapists hands and is directed on the client's body in a non-intrusive way. A deeply relaxing treatment.

Rachael is a Reiki Master the third and highest level of training. She has been Teaching and  practicing in Harrogate since 2004.

The Healing treatment works on Chakras and the energetic field around the body known as the 'Aura'.

Helping restore balance and flow and removing blocked energy, while realigning the Chakras.

The treatment works on the body on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

The treatment can be enhanced by using Crystals and Sound therapy.

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