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Stress Management Harrogate

Stress & Anxiety Management- Packages

Gabor Mate- ''Mind & Body Links have to be seen not only for our understanding of Illness but also for our understanding of health''

Rachael has worked with client's and their health issues, such as stress and anxiety, as therapist for over ten years, I meet many people who are experiencing or struggling from burnout, traumas or stress from daily life. Unexpected things can suddenly happen and have an impact on our daily life.

As our nervous systems response gets overwhelmed with yo-yoing situations, our bodies can go into a state of resistance stress or burnout.

This service is available as a group session including corporate services as well as on a one to one therapy sessions.

Using a range of therapies to help identify, alleviate and support stress related health issues such as-

- headaches, Sleep, digestive issues, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, ability  to focus, as well as many other stress related symptoms...


All our treatments are only to compliment not replace medical treatments or FOR YOU to see your GP. 

Rachael is qualified to advice and work with you using a range of tools for Stress Management Therapies including-

Hypnotherapy,Therapeutic Life Coaching, Meditation and Mindfulness, Acupressure, NLP, Stress Management.

Following on from our incredibly popular Stress Management sessions released last year, we now offer short courses to help you work through any challenges

you may be facing or want to try and change.

Our Short Course includes-Three sessions- @ £225

1. An initial Introductory session of 60 minutes.

2. A second  60 minutes session to explore and work with a personalised stress management tool kit.

3. The third session helps identify areas of concerns and learn how to develop a structure using our personalised stress management tool kit to move forward and manage your health and wellbeing

Further follow up sessions can be booked when required.

   Sessions can be in -person or online.

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