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Energy Healing

...Crystal Healing Harrogate...

Crystals are different from normal stones as they have grown from within their environment. Crystals also possess a special quality known as the 'piezoelectric effect'. Which means a crystal has accumulated and can hold an electric charge. They respond well to the Earth's energy field. Through this they are able to change the human energy field when they are placed within a person's aura, adding to the healing of a person.

...Crystal Healing Therapy...

A non-invasive holistic approach to healing and wellness. Often used in conjunction with other modalities such as Reiki and Sound Healing Therapy.

Subtle Benefits of using Crystals are-

* ease physical pain

* help relieve emotional stress

* Bring about spiritual awakening

* Help reduce stress and anxiety

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...Distance Crystal Healing Therapy...

Crystal can be used as part of a 'Distance Healing Session'. The therapist can place intentions and affirmations onto a particular crystal to help a person recover from illness, ease anxiety and depression.

..Group sessions...

As well as individual sessions we hold regular group activities with crystals. See the events page or enquire below

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Assorted Crystals
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