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Therapeutic Life Coaching Harrogate-Fusionage Therapies

Gabor Mate- ''There is no body that is not mind,no mind that is not body''

Make a change today....see our popular short course below

Our Therapeutic Life Coaching sessions in Harrogate take place at The Art of Wellbeing-Fusionage Therapies on Princes Square, in the centre of Harrogate Town.

 We work on a one-to-one over an extended period of time, usually with a proprietary 3 month coaching structure. This way the sessions work in a targeted and focused way to support the client's needs.

Life Coaching is like having a personal mentor to believe in you to help assist you setting and achieving goals by breaking them down into more 'do able bits' helping you along your journey.

Life coaching can help you take the right steps for where you need to be. Helping you move forward with your life. By developing the client's capabilities to with stand  demands and challenges they face in their daily life or work place or running a business.

By exploring different avenues, helping motivate you so that you can achieve your goals and aims by helping you take the appropriate steps. Through using a  non-judgmental and clear perspective.

Some clients require stress reduction help or time management. Through working together they are able to create the right space and opportunity to do this.


Developing a one to one coaching relationship we can focus in a shared space where we respect each others boundaries and develop a working relationship. 

Please get in touch and see how we can help. Following on from our incredibly popular coaching sessions released last year, we now offer a short courses to help you work through any challenges

you may be facing or want to try and change.

Our Short Course includes-Three sessions- @ £225

1. An initial Introductory session of 60 minutes.

2. A second  60 minutes session to explore your challenges and goals.

3. The third session helps identify areas of focus and how to develop a structure to move forward.

Further follow up sessions can be booked 

when required.

 Sessions can take place in-person or online.

Client's Comments;

'' Working with Rachael really helped me focus on a solution to achieving my goal. The only way I can describe it is that it was 'like having someone running along side me, giving me extra input, encouragement.''

'' I really enjoyed working with Rachael she helped me see things from a new perspective.'

''The feedback and encouragement helped me create a new vision for my life.''

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