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Back Pain...Sore Muscles..Posture Problems

Sports Massage, Sports Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage,
Trigger Point Therapy

Client's Comments-''  ''Rachael has fixed me (again) this week with an amazing deep tissue massage to treat a horrid muscle spasm. I couldn't move my head when I walked in and now I am back to normal. If you go in trapped up and sore you come out feeling relaxed and treated. Highly recommend Rachael to any one either for a general massage or a specific treatment of discomfort or injury''

Welcome to The Art of Wellbeing Harrogate-Fusionage Therapies-based in the beautiful Spa Town of Harrogate  North Yorkshire, a lovely setting for health and wellbeing.

Renowned for holistic health and education, Rachael Inchboard offers a full range of holistic therapies and training courses in Harrogate and the wider area. To help educate, transform and heal people's life's. Working with people from all walks of life to help alleviate their stresses and strains, which can cause their muscles to tighten and their lymphatic system to become sluggish.

Body Massage Treatments   Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Pregnancy Massage,  Rejuvenating Face  Massage

 Mind and Body -Reiki Energy Healing- with Sound Therapy, Crystals and Reiki Healing.

Interior Holistic Design- for Wellness and Lifestyle Health

Treatments for Emotional Wellbeing-Talking Therapies -Stress- Management, Holistic Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy.

buddha head detail1_edited.jpg

The Art of Wellbeing -Fusionage Therapies is based within the lovely Spa Town of Harrogate and has a reputation of excellence offering a wide range of Holistic Treatments as well as training courses.

Rachael works with people from all walks of life to help alleviate their stresses and strains of daily life. Often resulting in their muscles becoming tight and their Lymphatic systems sluggish. Office and desk workers can benefit from Rachael's ongoing professional development which has taken her to focus on the Posture and Alignment of the Body. 

The treatment is based on a German therapy and allows the manipulation of the body in a safe way while the muscles are in motion.


Many clients find this treatment invaluable including- People that lead active lives including sports people or people that have over used their muscles from general wear and tear. Others who suffer from repetitive impact problems affecting their muscles and their skeletal system.

Rachael is an experienced therapist and has run Fusionage Therapies for over 10years, and comes with a wealth of experience including freelancing her work to the The Academy Spa Harrogate (now David Lloyds) as well as to Hotel Du Vin in Harrogate.

Education & Training As well as our wellbeing treatments we offer accredited holistic education and training  for beginners/ CPD Courses for practitioners, Spiritual development, as well as the Workshops and introductory courses.

Gabor Mate- ''There is no body that is not mind,no mind that is not body''

Gabor Mate- ''Mind & Body Links have to be seen not only for our understanding of Illness but also for our understanding of health''

Reiki & Crystal Sonic Energy Healing in Harrogate-
Energy balancing is a  non -invasive way to  help restore and balance the body and the mind.
The Mind & Body Link-

Weaknesses in the body can show up as pain or discomfort often old energy patterns can block and hold trauma. We offer a bespoke treatment combining both physical body massage & Energy Work. 

Reiki with Crystal Sonic Therapy-Helping restore blocked energy or imbalances often caused by stress anxiety, grief, trauma.. These expansive sessions combine harmonies of Crystal singing bowls, reiki healing tools and 

vibration energies from  crystals. The healing atmosphere allows the realignment of our spirit through sound waves carrying the vibration of crystals directly into the body and the chakras.

Reiki is imbued to deepen the healing and harmonize the body.






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