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Have you got a business or charity organisation who has a focus on health and well being for service users or employees?

 Here at The Art of Wellbeing Harrogate, we offer a range of services run by highly qualified therapists, which can be taken at our therapy venue in Harrogate or at other venues.

Wellbeing days with therapeutic activities such as relaxation, meditation, stress management with easily learnt techniques to use everyday as part of a daily wellbeing routine.

These activities are based on research and are proven to to help with stress reduction and enable more focus and productivity in the workplace.

Attending group activities is also known to create and strengthen relationships for team building and groups

We can design specific courses such as mental health wellbeing programmes using a range of different therapies to help employees thrive. Improving their engagement and productivity. With tools to cope better with stress and anxiety, change.

We offer short sessions for 1 day,  we can create unique and individual packages to fit with your business budget, organisation and of course for your workforce and people.

Contact us by filling the form below. Please put your name, business and phone number in the message.


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